Percentage (per 100)


Percent means per hundred. The symbol used to denote percent is %. It is sometimes shortened as p.c..

Example demonstrating Percent

2/10 is a fraction convert it in to percentage.
  1. Make the denominator equal to 100.
  2. To make the denominator equal to hundred we multiply by x.
    10×x = 100
    So,x = 100/10.
  3. We multiply numerator and denominator by x. We get (2×(100/10))/(10×(100/10)) = (2/10)×(100/100) = (2×100)/(10×100)
  4. As percentage is per 100 so the result is (2/10)×100 % = 20%.

Things to remember

  1. To convert a fraction into percentage we multiply by 100.
  2. To convert a percentage into fraction we remove the percentage sign and divide by hundred.

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